Community Enterprise

Community investment in a local shop and business empowers communities by giving the members – as part-owners – a direct say in the success of an enterprise, encouraging them to play an active part in its future. In a community shop, the shareholders become the customers, the volunteers, the staff, and the supporters. As well as sharing in the social, environmental and community benefits of the enterprise, members can also be offered a financial return on their investment.

Community co-operative enterprises are a way for local people to collectively ‘do it for themselves’. They engage people in their own solutions and enable members to share the development of the business. They also draw from the knowledge, skills and expertise that diverse members bring.

Newent Community Bakery

The Daffodil Cake Shop, NewentThe Daffodil Cake Shop in Newent is our only local bakery and shop making and selling quality fresh bread and cakes, and it is being offered as a community co-operative enterprise. Progress so far is very positive and feedback from our pilot survey of customers has led to this wider publicity.

You can help support the Daffodil’s continued success as a community owned enterprise as a shareholder, as a customer, and with opportunities to contribute to the business in a number of ways. Let us know if you are interested, via the contact page, the comments page, and by filling in our on-line questionnaire.

We look forward to hearing from you and we shall keep you informed of progress with the project via email and on the website.