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  1. don’t think it will work, who’s going to take overall running/responsibility. so what if a “chain” takes over- it will still be a bakery. julie B

    • Julie, thank you for your comment. Problem is, no one else is interested in taking the shop/bakery over, chain or otherwise. Either we take it on ourselves or it is likely to close altogether and there will be no bakery in Newent at all. Idea is that it would be run by members of the community working together – this model has worked elsewhere.

  2. it just won’t work. I have been here 20 years and people in Newent just won’t work together, Who will take overall responsibility. what if it is taken over by a “chain”at least we will still have a bakers Good luck anyway

  3. I think it’s a great idea… it would be fanastic to have a indivdual style local bakery. Who wants another Greggs? Not me for sure. I’m really interested in thos project and hope it goes ahead.

  4. So would you employ a baker? It’s a major commitment, that wouldn’t run with just volunteers, Terry starts work most mornings at about 2am.

  5. My partner and I are very keen to support this kind of initiative. Obviously, we would need to understand the plan, but in principle, we would be prepared to invest a few hundred pounds each. I would hope to see more flexibility and initiative than is currently shown by the Daffodil, but I think that it could be the start of something very good. Perhaps a network of community businesses, all joined up to serve the community well. There should be no big business monopoly on quality, flexibility and convenience. I feel sure that we have the expertise between us to succeed.
    It is absolutely the case that it would not work as a bumbling amateurish volunteer effort, but I don’t think that this is what is being suggested.

  6. David, thank you for your interest. Our only plan is to take over the bakery/shop as it might otherwise close. Should it happen then the members could decide on opening hours, product range etc. We#re hoping to make some progress in the next few weeks and organise a public meeting in the New Year.

  7. Having only recently moved to Newent, I only popped into the shop today for the first time – and very nice it looks too.! This sounds like a fantastic thing to do – if the shop won’t sell then an alternative is crucial. I really hope it works out well. I’ve completed my questionnaie and would really love to be part of such an innovative initiative. Count me in.!

    Could I just ask before I sign off? Is the shop actually still on the market for sale?

  8. Great idea. One was set up in my home town of Bedale, North Yorks and will feature on BBC2 programme next week. see–north-yorkshires-very-own-community-bakery-in-bedale-37432/ It links a working flour mill, using local flour, and a railway line as well. (so might have more going for it). They sell bread directly at local markets and supply local shops. They do have some paid staff, but have the commitment of local volunteers. It can galvanise communities into action. The bread is very good and they make delicious choc and beetroot brownies.
    Good luck!

    It might be worth checking out this link as this town have already done this. Maybe a trip up there to have a look see would be good and some advice from them?
    Please think about the accomodation upstairs – do the couple want to stay there or could this space be converted for training – baking is massive and courses in cookery are always popular. You may even get funding if you target specific groups like young people, apprenticehips etc. This could help fund the bakery or link to college or school???

  10. Good luck with the enterprise, Newent without the Daffodil would be like rhubarb without custard!\plus my grandchildren need their mini-dough nuts!!!S.Hill.

  11. An excellent initiative, and I’m really happy to see so much interest. Please count me in as a shareholder and I’ll do what I can to help. I worked in a workers’ coop years ago in Bath – a very happy experience – and the coop is still going strong (must be coming up for about 40 years old now) so be assured that alternative business models can be viable and enduring.

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