Who would do the baking?

We would employ a professional, full-time baker. Depending on who volunteers, we might also have to employ a shop manager and other staff.

Will you want to make a profit?

Yes, a community enterprise needs to make a profit to survive. Any profit can be reinvested in the business and any surplus can be returned to the shareholders as dividends, shares, or a discount on the products, at the end of the year or in some cases when the shares are withdrawn.

Can I have a say in how the bakery is run?

Yes, if you buy some shares and become a member you could help decide opening times and what is to be sold.

Will you still be selling all the bread, cakes and pastries that I love?

Yes and we would look to expand the range of products available as well.

Do have any plans to open other community enterprises?

Not at this time. Our plan at present is simply to make sure Newent retains its own bakery and shop.


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