We are keen to find out about your shopping habits at the Daffodil Cake Shop and your opinion of a new community bakery.

Bakery Questionnaire

Please click the link above to complete a PDF version of our questionnaire. After you have completed the questionnaire return it to us by clicking “Submit Form” at the top left of the window. The information in the form will be returned to us electronically and automatically compiled will all other returns. You can save and print the completed PDF, should you so wish. Printed and completed questionnaires can also be returned to the shop.

N.B. You will need to complete the PDF form by using a recent version of Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat Professional. You will also need Adobe Flash installed on your computer.

Apple Mac Users

If you have an Apple Mac, please do NOT use the Preview program to complete the form as we will be unable to read it properly. If you do not have Adobe Flash installed then you can download the form by following the link below.

Bakery Questionnaire – no Adobe Flash required

If all else fails, please visit the Daffodil Cake Shop and complete a paper version of the questionnaire!


2 thoughts on “Questionnaire

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  2. My partner and I are very keen to support this kind of initiative. Obviously, we would need to understand the plan, but in principle, we would be prepared to invest a few hundred pounds each. I would hope to see more flexibility and initiative than is currently shown by the Daffodil, but I think that it could be the start of something very good. Perhaps a network of community businesses, all joined up to serve the community well. There should be no big business monopoly on quality, flexibility and convenience. I feel sure that we have the expertise between us to succeed.

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